ETC-974 Digital Temperature Controller 

ETC-974 Digital Temperature Controller Microcomputer Thermostats Thermostat Refrigeration Alarm 220V NTC sensor Power type is charger.Display type is digital.Style is standing and wall hanging.

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  • Power supply: The power supply adopts high quality electronic components, with stable performance and strong reliability. At the same time, the power supply adopts high quality plastic material, which has stable performance and high reliability.
  • Smart device: With a builtin sensor, the temperature sensor will automatically shut down when it is overtemperature or temperature, as long as there are people that need to replace the smart device.
  • Temperature controller: Temperature controller adopts digital touch screen, with high sensitivity, large and clear display. The temperature controller adopts microcomputer touch sensor, which has stable and sensitive performance.




Temperature measure range: NTC probe :-50~110°C(-58~230°F)

PTC probe:-55~140°C(-67~284°F)

Display resolution:1°C/0.1°C(with the swithch mode between integer and decimal)


PTC:±1°C(-30°C~50°C); other±2°C

Probe type :NTC(-50°C~120°C)  ;PTC(-50°C~150°C)

Power supply:230VAC±10% ;50/60Hz

Rated current of the relays(refrigeration ,defrost and fan):8A/220VAC

Use temperature:-5°C~55°C

Relative humidity:10%-90%RH (not condensing)

Storage temperature:-30°C~85°C

Input: 2 NTC sensor

Sensor lenth:2M(include the probe)

Product length:77*34.5*58mm

Mounting size:71*29