Omega Heater FCH-FGC00042R Compact Enclosure Fan Heaters Up to 40W

This range of Omega Heater (fan heater) uses Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating technology to provide the user with a product ideally suited to climate control. The heater can be controlled independently by the fan, allowing a ‘fan-only’ mode for air circulation. There are nine variants, giving different power and supply voltage capability. The product has been designed, and approved, for build-in applications. It has a robust construction utilizing two anodized aluminum extrusions, coupled to a 25 mm (1″) fan. The heating element is a PTC heater.
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  • High Power Output (10 to 40W) to Small Size
  • Lightweight
  • Simple Installation
  • Pre-Wired




Model No.





FCH-FGC00052R, FCH-FGC00182R

FCH-FGC05032R, FCH-FGC05242R, FCH-FGC05272R
Nominal Power at 10°C 10W 20W 40W
Typical Maximum In-Rush Current (A) RMS at 12 Vac 1.5 3 5
Typical Maximum In-Rush Current (A) RMS at 24 Vac 1.3 3 9.5
Typical Maximum In-Rush Current (A) RMS at 115/230 Vac 1/3.5
Electrical Protection Class III/SELV I
Ingress Protection IP20
Fan Volumetric Flow (m3/Hour) 5.1
Fan Lifetime—L10 at 40°C (Hours) 120
Fan Operating Temperature Range -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)
Nominal Input Voltage Fan (V) 12 DC, 12 AC or 24 AC/DC
Nominal Input Voltage Heater (V) 12 DC, 12 AC or 24 AC/DC 12 DC, 12 AC or 24 AC/ DC or 115/230
Dimensions, Cross Section: mm (inch) 26 x 27 (1 x 1.1)
Length: mm (inch) 50 (2) 72 (2.8)
Weight: g (oz) 60 (2.1) 90 (3.2)