FLM22-FJ-6-C 20A Push Button Switch

A 20A push button switch is a pushbutton switch capable of handling a maximum rated current of 20 amperes (A).

When the button is released, the switch returns to the “off” position and the circuit is disconnected and no longer operates.

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Features of FLM22-FJ-6-C 20A Push Button Switch

  • Voltage: 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 380V
  • Current: 5A(DC) 5A(AC)
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
  • Material: Copper, Stainless Steel
  • Certification: CE, CCC, ROSH, IP67, UL
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
  • Wire specification: AGW22

Specifications of FLM22-FJ-6-C 20A Push Button Switch

Production series FLM22-FJ-6-C Light guide button PC plastic
Button Shape round Sctuator 304 Stainless steel
button LED Color Red blue green yellow white Housing Sleeve H59 nickel plated brass/304Stainless steel
Mechanical Life The 500 thousand time Button Pin H62 copper alloy
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP67 IK09 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 36V(DC) 250V(AC) Housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Rated Current 1A(DC)0.5A(AC) Light Source LED
Rated Power 36W(DC)125W(AC) Resistor Metal film
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃ Contact AgCdO12