Honeywell PLC MasterLogic Programmable Logic Controller

Honeywell PLC MasterLogic programmable logic controller is a pocket-sized industrial logic controller powered by a high-speed processor. It can operate in a standalone manner, in a peer-to-peer environment, or in a SCADA topology with Experion® HS. It features a wide range of components (the CPU, power supplies, discrete and analog, I/O modules, network modules, and racks) which are available in different modules to suit many different applications.


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  • ​The superior performance of MasterLogic PLC enables faster discrete and sequencing control
  • Saving space and operations costs with its small and compact modular size
  • MasterLogic 50 and MasterLogic 200 (Redundant and non-Redundant).​
  • MasterLogic PLCs are modular, scalable and rack-based.
  • A reliable processor makes it intrinsically powerful. Kbytes).



Item Specifications Related Standards
Ambient Temp.

Storage Temp.


0 ~ 55 C


-25 ~ 70 C

Ambient Humidity

Storage Humidity











5 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing)

5 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing) Occasional vibration

Frequency      Acceleration       Pulse width       Sweep Count  









10 < f < 57Hz              –                  0.075mm


57 < f < 150Hz 9.8 m/s (1G)                –              10 times each

Continuous vibration                                                   direction

Frequency      Acceleration       Pulse width                         (X, Y and Z) 10 < f < 57Hz              –                  0.035mm


57 < f < 150Hz 4.9 m/s (0.5G)              –


·  Peak acceleration: 147m/s (15G)

·  Duration: 11ms

·  Pulse wave type: Half-sine (3 times in each of X, Y and X directions)

Square wave


impulse noise


Noise Immunity








Electrostatic      Voltage: 4kV (Contact discharge) discharge


IEC61131-2 IEC61000-4-2


electromagnetic 27 ~ 500MHz, 10V/m field noise

IEC61131-2, IEC61000-4-3
Digital/Analog I/O,

Classification Power supply     Communication

Fast transient                                                                                 Interface

/Burst noise

Voltage              2kV                      1kV


Free from corrosive gases and excessive dust


IEC61131-2 IEC61000-4-4

Altitude Less than 2,000m
Pollution Degree Cooling Method


Agency Certifications

Less than 2 Air-cooling

UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment

89/336/EEC, EMC Directive

EN 50081-2, Emissions, Industrial EN 50082-2, Immunity, Industrial