DJX-FF Cable Line Earth Fault Indicator

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DYX-FF Remote Cable Line Fault Indicator

Applicable voltage range
6~35KV (should confirm before production)
Applicable current range 0~630A (should confirm before production)
Applicable power frequency range 45~60Hz (should confirm before production)
MTBF more than 70000H
Impulse current withstand 31.5kA for 2s
Degree of protection IP67
Weight less than 540g
Outline dimension Ф75mm * 115mm


Electrostatic discharge
Can withstand the GB/T 17626.2 of the IV level of electrostatic discharge interference test
Communication discharge: + 8KV
Air discharge: + 15KV
EFT/B immunity test
Can withstand the GB/T 17626.12 of the IV class fast pulse group interference test
Voltage peak value: 2KV
Frequency: 5KHz & 100KHz
Radiated susceptibility Can withstand the GB/T 17626.3 of the IV level RF electromagnetic field immunity
Field strength: 30V/m
Surge immunity
Can withstand the GB/T 17626.5 of the IV level surge (impact) interference test
Common mode voltage: 4KV ± 10%
Differential mode voltage: 2KV ± 10%
Power frequency magnetic field immunity Can withstand the GB/T 17626.8 of the V level power frequency magnetic field immunity interference test
Magnetic field intensity: 100A/m
Damped oscillatory magnetic field immunity Can withstand the GB/T 17626.10 of the V level damping oscillation magnetic field immunity test
Damped oscillatory magnetic field intensity peak value: 100A/m


Environment temperature Operation temperature: -35℃~80℃(-31~+176℉)
Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃(-40~+185℉)
Relative humidity 5~95%( No condensing)
Altitude ≤4000m