L&T Multifunction Meter Wl4410 Advanced Meters

The L&T multifunction meter provides all fundamental, energy, and power metrics, as well as power quality measures such as THD and k factor.

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Applications of l&t multifunction meter

  • Class 1 accuracy  for thish series multi function meter l&t
  • A real RMS measurement
  • knowledgeable about load monitoring
  • Provision of password protection for security
  • Phase wise Waveforms of voltage and current in an LCD meter
  • Site-selectable for 4 Phase, 3 Phase, 3 Phase wire, and Maximum 1 Phase Demand measurement in the 4440, 5000, and 5010 series with a real-time clock; auto scrolling and freeze mode provided for continuous single-page viewing
  • Terminals of &t vega multifunction meter that offer the option of sealing
  • Key providing direct access to the Basic, Power, and Energy parameters