M730 Remote I/O Module

This M730 Remote I/O Module is a 3-channel temperature/mV/Ohm input module with RS485 communication . It provides isolation between each channel of inputs, power, and network circuits. Network communication adheres to the industry-standard RS-485Modbus RTU protocol. AC and DC power sources are supported with nonpolarized, diode-coupled terminals. Not only  works as an independent temperature transmitter isolator with communication,but combine with MWG1 to constitute a remote I/O DAS support both of MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP protocols.


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  • 3-channel Temperature/mV/Ohm Input
  • Five-way isolation eliminates potential ground loops between power, Inputand network circuitry
  • The input type & measurement range can be programmed setting by ZPconfig software through a separate USB adaptor
  • Hot Swappable
  • Low Power Loss, Low Temperature Drift, Auto Zero Calibration
  • Terminal Block & Rail bus redundant power
  • Standard Modbus RTU protocol with high-speed RS-485 communication (up to 115K bps)
  • Combine with MWG1 to constitute a remote I/O DAS support both of MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP protocols


◆ Input Signal Type(Programmable By ZPconfig software)

TC:               K/E/S/B/R/J/T/N

RTD:            PT100/PT200/PT500/PT1000/Cu50

Resistance: 0~400Ω  0~4000Ω

mV:              +80mV

Voltage:       0~1V dc

◆Input Channel:3 Channels

◆Input Impedance:≥10MΩ

◆A/D resolution :24 bit


◆Protocol:Modbus RTU

◆Baud Rate:115200,38400,19200…4800bps (config.  by DIP)

◆Address ID:1-31(config. by DIP)

◆RS485Drive Capacity:Max. 64nodes

◆Power Supply:24VDC±10% or AC

◆ Response Time: ≦0.4S

◆ Accuracy:

TC:                ≤ 1C°

RTD:              ≤ 0.2C°

Resistance:   ≤ 0.05% F.S.

mV:                ≤+10uV

Voltage:         ≤+10mV

◆ Sampling Rate: 9 times/sec.

◆ Digital Output: Single PrecisionFloating-Point

◆Power Loss:1.2W (24VDC)

◆Temperature Drift:0.01%/Celsius degree

◆Operation Temperature:-10~70°C

◆Storage Temperature:   -40~80°C

◆ Relative Humidity:5-95% non condensing

◆ 6-way isolation between each channel of input/each channel of output/  communication/power supply:≥1500VAV/1min

◆6-way isolation resistance:≥100Mohm/500V

◆ Calibrating ambient temperature:25±2 °C

◆ EMC:EN1326: 1997+A1:1998+A2:2001+A3:2003

◆Removable plug-in type terminal blocks rated for 12A/250V; AWG #26-12, stranded/solid copper wire

◆Casing/Terminal: IP50/IP20

◆ Weight: 122g