Masoneilan Positioner SVI™ II AP Advanced Performance Digital Valve Positioner (HART)

The Masoneilan positioner Baker Hughes SVI II AP (Smart Valve Interface, Advanced Performance) is a 32 bit microprocessor digital valve positioner with a local interface that controls a pneumatic actuator using a two-wire 4-20mA control signal. The instrument offers bi-directional communication using the HART® protocol. Its universal design offers ease of retrofit in place of existing analog positioners on Masoneilan or non-Masoneilan pneumatic actuators, either single-acting or double-acting.

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Features of Masoneilan SVI™ II AP Positioner

Non-Contact Position Sensing Technology:

  • Sensing through the housing, no mechanical moving parts entering the main housing cavity, prolonging the life
  • Simple mounting procedure


Easy, Simple, Accurate:

  • LCD and pushbuttons operable in all certified hazardous environments
  • Quick and accurate commissioning with auto stops and auto tune methods
  • One design fits many applications
    • Rotary or Linear
    • Remote or Local

Specifications of Masoneilan SVI™ II AP  positioner

Signal – Communication

  • HART 5 or 7 over 4-20mA



  • Standard Diagnostics
  • Advanced Diagnostics


Construction / Materials

  • Copper-free Aluminum Housing


Operating Temperature

  • -50°C to +85°C


Pneumatics Action

  • Single or Double Acting, fail safe
  • Rotary and linear


Supply Pressure

  • 20 to 150psi