NJBK10 Electronic Motor Protection Relay

CHINT NJBK10 series Electronic Motor Protection Relay (hereinafter referred to as the protector) suitable for AC 50Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 690V and under, rated working current 1A- 200A long-term or intermittent AC motor work overload, open-phase, three-phase imbalance protection. Product meets IEC60947-4-1 standard requirements

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  • Double-row LED display, the upper row of LED displays running current, bottom row of LED displays set current, the indicator lights indicate the operating status and fault status;
  • Features overload given time protection (on/off ), inverse time overload protection, open-phase, three-phase current unbalance protection function;
  • Built-in 4 overload curves are available to meet different occasions;
  • Panel with start and stop buttons, terminal block can be external connected with start and stop buttons with simplified wiring;
  • Auto-start function can open the auto-start function and set the start-up delay. In case of power resumption or reset after power failure, the protector start automatically as per the set auto start delay, free of any human intervention;
  • Fault memory and its indications: In case of motor failure, the indicator displays the fault type, while the bottom row LED flashes and displays the fault code;
  • Mouning mode: screw mounting.


  • Motor protection and control for a variety of drives
  • Application-specific standard configurations resulting in a shorter relay setup and commissioning time
  • Preconfigured solutions for utility distribution and industrial applications



Model Rated current specification Rated current range A Suitable for motor power kW
NIBK10-10 10 1A-10A 0.5kW-5kW
NJBK10-50 50 5A-50A 2.5kW-25kW
NJBK10-200 200 20A-200A 10kW-100kW
Utility Category Rated current range A
Rated operating voltage (V) 240 380
Rated operating current (A) 1.5 0.95
Conventional thermal current (A) 5