CHINT NZ7 Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment

Chint NZ7 series Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment is applicable to the three-phase four-line two-circuit power supply network with an AC power frequency of 50Hz, rated operational voltage of AC400V, and rated operational current of up to 630A, the NZ7 series automatic transfer switching equipment can automatically connect one or several loads from one power source to another to ensure the normal power supply of the load circuit.

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Features of CHINT NZ7 Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment

  • Reasonable structure, small volume, nice appearance, provided with protective shield, safer and more reliable power supply.
  • Complete protective functions, including short circuit, overload, open phase, and loss-of-voltage protection.
  • Noiseless, energy saving, simple installation, easy operation, reliable and stable performance.

Applications of CHINT NZ7 Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment

  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Smoke Extract Fans
  • Sprinkler pumps
  • Emergency lights

Specification of CHINT NZ7

Product Type NZ7-63 NZ7-125 NZ7-250 NZ7-400 NZ7-630
Up to standard IEC/EN 60947-6-1
Actuator circuit breaker NM1-63 NM1-125 NM1-250 NM1-400 NM1-630
Parameters of electrical characteristics
Operating environment temperature -5℃~+40℃
Altitude 2000m
Class of pollution 3

Specification for current











Rated operational voltage(Ue) 400V 50Hz
Nominal insulation voltage(Ui) AC500V AC800V
Rated impulse withstand voltage 6kV 8kV
Number of poles 3P 4P 3P 4P 3P 4P 3P, 4P 3P, 4P
Short circuit breaking capacity codes S H H S H R H S H R H S H R S H R
Rated short circuit making capacity(Icm) 31.5 73.5 73.5 52.5 105 143 105 52.5 105 143 105 73.5 110 154 73.5 110 154
Rated short circuit breaking capacity(Icn) 15 35 35 25 50 65 50 25 50 65 50 35 50 70 35 50 70
Service life 6000 times 6000 times 6000 times 4000 times 3000 times
Usage category AC-33B
Electric equipment grade CB Class
Protection level IP30(except the main circuit terminal)
Protection Overload protection/short circuit protection
Controller characteristic
Controller Type A(basic type)
Rated control supply voltage Us 230V 50Hz
Installation mode for the controller Integrated/separated (as installed on the surface of the cabinet)
Operating transfer time (no time delay) ≤3.2s ≤3.5s ≤3.6s ≤4s ≤5s
Power consumption ≤10W
Installation and connection
Installation mode Fixed type
Connection mode Front connection