OHR-M3 Series 4 20MA Signal Splitter

OHR-M3 Series 4 20ma signal splitter have a high- precision, wide-range and high-stability. With modular design, OHR-M3 Series are very convenient for collocating and updating. With technology (SMT), OHR-M3 Series are very compacted, cabinet and have a good linearity and high anti-jamming ability. OHR-M3 Series support RS-485 communication by protocol MODEBUS and RTU, long transmission distance (distance ≤ 1000 m, shielded wire advised). With compacted structure, OHR-M3 Series are convent for installation with standard DIN. OHR-M3 Series are powered with AC100V-265V or DC 24V (±10%) by switch power supply.


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Features of OHR- M3 Series 4 20ma signal splitter

  • 24V DC independent power supply
  • 0/4~20mA current input
  • o/4~20mA current source output
  • Powered via DIN bus or terminal


Application of the 4 20ma signal splitter

  • Signal change & process value scaling.
  • Filtration of noise
  • Protect against EMC
  • Crosstalk elimination
  • Electrostatic filtration
  • Ground loops elimination


Specification of the 4 20ma signal splitter

Input parameters
Input signals DC voltage/current 、Resistance、TC(decided or ordering programmer to set it yourself)
Input impedance Current resistance ≤100Ω, voltage resistance ≥250KΩ
Max allowable input voltage/current ≤30mA or ≤7V
Output signals 4-20mA, 0-10mA, 0-20mA, 1-5V, 0-5V
Output load Current resistance RL≤500Ω, voltage resistance RL≥250KΩ

(If you need higher load capability, please announce when you order)

Alarm output Relay: capability: AC125V/0.6A, DC30V/2A
Communication MODBUS-RTU protocol, RS-485 transmission distance ≤1000m
Power supply DC 24V(±10%), AC100-265V(50/60Hz)
Power DC 24V Single-channel output:≤1.7W; Dual-channel output: ≤2.2W

AC100-265V Single-channel output:≤2.5W; Dual-channel output:≤3W

Other parameters
Insulation strength 2500 Vrsm(1 min, no spark)
Working temperature 0~50℃
Relative humidity ≤85%RH
Temperature drift <50ppm/℃
Installation style 35mm DIN
Installation size 17.5*111.4*121.2mm(width*height*depth)
Measuring accuracy 0.2 % FS ±1 byte
Response time Single-channel ≤0.3S, Dual-channel ≤0.5S
Weight About 140g