PA-11 DC Signal Isolator

PA-11 DC Signal Isolator has a high- precision, wide-range and high-stability. With modular design,PA-11 DC Signal Isolators are very convenient for collocating and updating. With technology (SMT), PA-11 DC Signal Isolators are very compacted, cabinet and have a good linearity and high anti-jamming ability.


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  • Power & alarm LED
  • Input surge protection
  • Programmable input & output ranges
  • Three isolations (input/output/power)



  • Signal change & process value scaling.
  • Filtration of noise
  • Protect against EMC
  • Crosstalk elimination
  • Electrostatic filtration
  • Ground loops elimination



Input specifications
Code Input signal Input impedance
1 0-20mV Allow 10V reference voltage
2 0-75mV  


3 0-5mV
4 0-10mV
5 0-250mV
6 0-10mA  


7 0-20mA
8 4-20mA
9 User specified parameter
Output specifications
Code Output signal Output impedance
1 0-5V  



2 0-10V
3 1-5V
4 -10V~+10V
5 0-10mA ≤1K
6 0-20mA ≤500Ω
7 4-20mA
8 User specified parameter


Input impedance: voltage mode≥100KΩ, current mode≤100Ω

Output impedance: 0-500Ω

Response time: <0.05s (0~90%) (TYP) Ripple: <10mVrms

Transmission errors: 0.1% of the final value Temperature coefficient: Measured value of 50ppm/K/a load of 100Ω

Compressive strength: 100MΩ+ for 1500VAC/min under the condition of 2500VDC

Electromagnetic compatibility: Conforms to GB/T18268 industry equipment application requirement (equivalent to IEC61326-1) Operation temperature: -25℃~+85℃

Operation humidity: <90%RH (no condensate water) Power: 24VDC±10%

Consumption power: <1W

Housing material: Flame retardant for ABS Weight: about 90g

Dimensions: 12.5x106x112mm (TxWxH)