PA-23 AC 3 Phase Voltage Current Transducer

The PA-23 AC Three-Phase Voltage Current Transducer is designed to convert the three-phase AC current signals generated by the AC transformer into standard process signals.

Its primary application involves central monitoring in Distributed Control Systems (DCS), overseeing equipment like motors, pumps, and heat networks. Additionally, it monitors power lines and their current.

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Specification of PA-23 AC 3 Phase Voltage Current Transducer

Input Input current range AC 0-10A
Frequency range 40Hz~60Hz
Output Output signal 4-20mA;0-20mA;0-5V;0-10V etc
Output load resistance RL≤500Ω(output current signal)

RL≥10KΩ(output voltage signal)

Parameters Power supply AC85-265V
Rated power consumption ≤2W(3 in 3 out,AC220V power supply, output 20mA)
Accuracy ≤0.5% F.S.
Response time ≤400mS(0-90%)(TYP)
Temperature drift 0.02%F.S./ºC (-20ºC~+55ºC)
Isolation intensity 2000V AC/1min(between input-ouput-power)
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(between input-ouput-power)
Working temperature range -20ºC~+55ºC
EMC complies with GB/T 18268.1(IEC61326-1)