PD19 AC Digital Multifunction Meter

The 19D series AC digital multifunction meter is a 96*96mm panel meter with an optional RS485 or ethernet communication interface. This PD19 multifunction power meter can measure and monitor electric parameters I/U/P/Q/S/F/PF, and do power quality analyzer for power systems, industrial enterprises, public facilities, and intelligent buildings.

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  • 4*digital output, 3* relay output, energy pulse output
  • Related voltage: AC 380V; related current: 5A
  • Bi-directional active and reactive metering
  • SOE Data Records, LCD Display Voltage, current total harmonic distortion, and 2nd-31st times odd harmonic distortion

dimension of PD19 ac digital multifunction power meter


PD19 ac digital multifuction power meter specification


  • Internal measurement of industrial electricity and power quality analysis;
  • Intelligent power distribution system;
  • Commercial electricity measurement and analysis;
  • energy management system;
  • Distribution automation;
  • Intelligent buildings and intelligent switch cabinets, etc.

Wiring Diagram

wiring of PD19 ac digital multifunction meter