ABB PDCOM Partial Discharge Monitoring

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  • Continuous and real-time monitoring of switchgear partial discharge diagnostics
  • Phase Resolved PD (PRPD) diagram (actual and historical) displayed on SWICOM and exportable
  • Direct measurement technique to achieve higher sensitivity
  • Interface to existing capacitive couplers under use for voltage indicator systems (VIS)
  • Long- range measurement across multiple cubicles (up to 10)
  • Calibration to increase accuracy of measurements and KPIs
  • Frequency band tuning to increase sensitivity
  • Line voltage measurement to acquire phase information
  • Three-phase acquisition and identification of problematic phase
  • Tested according to standard procedures based on IEC 60270
  • Easy to install in low voltage auxiliary compartment
  • Very compact and DIN rail mounted


PD Measurement Parameters Value
Measurement principle Capacitive (it can be used with existing coupler)
PD Channels per PDCOM three (one per phase)
Number of PDCOM connectable to SWICOM up to 3
PDCOM Panel coverage Up to 10 panels
Online monitoring Yes
DAQ resolution 16bit
PD dynamic range 80dB
Typical sensitivity 100pC
Programmable preamplification +-20db
Measurement Frequency range Center frequency 0-10MHz, bandwidth 200kHz
Noise suppression Yes
Number of phase/magnitude windows for PRPD 256×256
Power frequency range 50Hz, 60Hz
Power line synchronization Internal, three phases individually
Supply voltage 12VDC to 24VDC
Consumption 15W
Daisy chaining RJ45
Operating temperature -30°C +55°C
Storage temperature -30°C +80°C
Dimension 161,4 mm x 115,22mmx 106,92mm
VIS installation requirement for cabling Measured through same capacitive coupler
PD event recording Strength, time, power line voltage and phase, up to

100.000 PD events

PD Instantaneous measurements Partial discharge intensity (following IEC), pulse repetition rate (total and above three different thresholds),

peak-to-noise, PD-indicator

Displayed measurements summary Summary statistics of instantaneous measurements, PD presence indicator and trends indicators
Alert types Traffic lights: green, yellow and red
Internal storage Analysis history of at least 100.000 PD events (all channel, RAM)
Calibration Procedure outlined during commissioning on site
Capacitive coupler requirements 15pF-250pF (above 50pF is preferable)
VIS installation requirement for cabling Installation kit provided. Short cabling, shielded cable a plus, preferred length below 100cm connection installation kit-PDCOM kept short as well
Interfaces Serial/USB, CANBUS, Ethernet
EMC IEC 60255-27