PEVC2513 Portable EV Charger 3.5-22KW

A Portable EV Charge is a device used to charge electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, or power tools. They are usually connected to the electricity network in order to provide electrical energy to charge the batteries of electric vehicles.

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Electrical Protection

  • Over current protection, Residual current protection, Ground protection, Surge protection
  • Over/Under voltage protection, Over/Under frequency protection, Over temp protection

Materials Applied

  • Shell: black by thermoplastic PC940. Anti-corrosion and abrasion protection.
  • Cable: 4.5M in black with TPU jacket. With CE issued by TUV and TUV mark.



  • Service station operators
  • Public corridor charging along the highways
  • Busy urban areas
  • Commercial fleet operators
  • EV Infrastructure operators and EVSE providers



Certificates & QC CE(ICR lab), UKCA, RoHS, TUV mark, ISO
Specification & Electrical
Protection rank IP54 Cable; IP67 ICCB
LCD display 2.8’’LCD Color Screen
RCD 30mA
Input power 250V max
Charging cable 4.5M Type 2 (TPU Jacket)
ICCB size L235xW100xH52(mm)
Start mode plug & play
Operating temperature -35°C to 50°C
Warranty 2 years (both cable and ICCB)