PEVC3302-Split DC Charging Pile 360-480KW

This DC charging pile is a device used to charge electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, or power tools. They are usually connected to the electricity network in order to provide electrical energy to charge the batteries of electric vehicles.

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  • Service station operators
  • Public corridor charging along the highways
  • Busy urban areas
  • Commercial fleet operators
  • EV Infrastructure operator and EVSE providers


Detailed specification Product number PEVC3302 DC charging cabinet PEVC3302 charging terminal



Input parameters

Input voltage 400VAC±15%
Voltage frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Harmonic content 5%
power factor ≥0.99 (more than half load)
Overall efficiency ≥95% (more than half load)


Output parameters

Power level 360kW~ 480kW
The output voltage 200VDC- 1000VDC
Output current 200A/250A(optional)/300A(optional)
Number of ports 2 – 8connector



Basic attributes

Shell material Aluminum zinc plate
Product Size 1200* 850*2000mm (W*D*H) 50*200* 1450mm(W*D*H)
Communication Interface CAN、RS485
Power distribution Full dynamic flexible distribution
Lightning protection level C level



Basic parameters

Payment Method RFID Card,APP
Human-computer interaction 7 inch touch color LCD screen
Gun line length 5m
Communication Interface Ethernet/4G



Basic parameters

Shell material Aluminum zinc plate
Installation method 7 Inch Touch 20JColor Screen
Mechanical strength 5m




Environmental parameters

Noise level ≤75dB
Degree of protection IP54
Operating temperature -30C ~+50°C
Storage temperature –40°C~+75°C
Altitude ≤2000 meter
Relative humidity ≤95%,non-condensing