PR 240 Motor Protection Relay

The PR 240 Motor Protection Relay is a good solution for telemetry applications that need to monitor, meter, and operate a motor. The relay is an ideal choice for power distribution systems to be utilized in power metering and end-of-line monitoring because to its compact size, low cost, and remote HMI choices.

PR240 provides low-voltage motor protection for nearly all applications, such as bulk material, air-based, pumping, and chiller applications. It can be set up as a full range protection relay for three-phase, medium-voltage induction and synchronous motors.

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Features of PR 240 Motor Protection Relay

  • mounting of panels Din-rail mounting control unit and HMI unit.
  • Acceptable for Motors with current ranges up to 0.66 KV.
  • Power measurement, three-phase current voltage monitors, and HMI units are provided.
  • 200A CT built-in to control unit; out-of-range use; 5A CT connect.
  • You can choose from a variety of protective modes that can trip or sound an alert.
  • able to choose from a number of beginning modes for various wiring applications.
  • network communications using RS-485.
  • Seven digital inputs and four digital outputs.
  • Not required One analog output that can be programmed

Application of PR 240 Motor Protection Relay

This motor protection relay is widely used in Power distribution system, and Motor controling, metering, and monitoring.

Specification of PR 240 Motor Protection Relay

Electrical parameters  PR240 Motor protection relay
Auxiliary Power 85-265Vac/dc
Power consumption <4 VA
Insulation resistance >100MΩ
Relays 5A/250VAC, 5A/30VDC (NO contact)
Motor rated voltage AC220V / AC380V / AC660V
Motor rated current 0.5-200A use internal CT
200A-820A use external ../5A CT
Leakage current sensor(1) 0-1A
Impulse withstand voltage 4 kV
Measuring accuracy:
Current ± 0.5% @ 10~120% Ie
Voltage ± 0.5% @ 10~150% Ue
Frequency ± 0.1% @ 45~65Hz
Power factor ± 1% @ 0.0~1.0
Power ± 1% @ 0~500 kW
Leakage current ± 1% @ 10~100% Ir
Temperature ± 1% @ 0.1~30 K
Analog Output ± 1% (4 ~ 20mA)
External port:  
Comm port(2) RS485 MODBUS-RTU
Optional Profibus-DP
Digital input Regular 7DI, max11 DI(3)
Digital output Regular 2DO, max 6DO(4)
Analog Output Optional 1AO
Working environment:  
Working temperature -10C ~ +55°C
Storage temperature -30C ~ +70°C
Relative humidity < 93% RH
Elevation Less than 3000 m
Electrical test:  
Standard reference IEC 60947-1
IEC 60947-4
Electrostatic discharge Severity: level III
Severity Severity: level III
Surge Severities: level III
Voltage Characteristics Between two of the power / input / output between AC2kV/1min