Rishabh Multifunction Meter RISH 3440

Rishabh Multifunction Meter Rish Master 3440 measures important electrical parameters in 3-phase and single-phase Networks & replaces the multiple analog panel meters. It measures electrical parameters like AC, Voltage, frequency, active energy import & active energy export, Current Demand, kW Demand, kVA Demand and Max Current Demand, Max kW Demand and Max kVA Demand.

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Features of RISH 3440 Multifunction Meter

  • On site programmable PT/CT ratios
  • User selectable CT Secondary 5A/1A
  • User selectable PT Secondary
  • User selectable 3 phase 3W or 4W
  • Low back depth
  • Onsite selection of Auto scroll / Fixed Screen
  • Phase reversal indication
  • Energy measurement (Import and Export)
  • True RMS measurement
  • High brightness 3 line 4 digits LED display
  • User selectable Low Current suppression (below 30 mA)
  • Min Max storage of parameters possible
  • Number of parameters measured: more than 46
  • Parameter Screen recall
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Energy Count storage
  • Programmable Energy format & Energy rollover count
  • Hour Run, ON Hour, Number of Interruptions
  • Optional MODBUS (RS485) Output
  • User Assignable Registers for MODBUS
  • Optional 2 Relay Output ( Pulse output / Limit switch)
  • Pulse Output
  • Limit switch
  • Configuration of the Instrument via MODBUS
  • Optional Analog Outputs ( 2 Outputs )
  • Ethernet Interface (Modbus TCP/IPProtocol)
  • Enclosure Protection for dust and water
  • Compliance to International Safety standards
  • EMC Compatibility

Specifications of Rishabh Multifunction Meter

Model Rish Master 3440
Voltage 100VLL to 692kVLL programmable on site.
Display Type High Brightness 3 Line 4 Digits LED Display
Phase Line-Line 100 – 600 VL-L
Usage Industrial
Size 96X96 mm