RKQ2B (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switchgear

RKQ2B series intelligent dual power transfer switch suitable for AC 50HZ.rated working voltage 400V, rated operating current from 16A-1250A, interchangeable for use in emergency power supply systems commonly used two-way power supply and standby power (can also be used be set to manual) between and as a control, signaling, interlocking and other uses of the switch control circuit, the products bearing on some modules designed mouth communication, enabling remote control, allowing users to achieve unattended substation. Suitable for residential areas, hospitals, shopping malls airports, and other places.

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Features of RKQ3A (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switchgear

  • Switching from the microcomputer controller, micro motors, gear machine, micro switch, keyboard, LCD display screen, molded case circuit breakers, and other components.
  • With automatic and manual control switch, normally,spare closing indicator, dual mechanical and electrical interlocks, and other characteristics, the maximum to meet supply and distribution needs
  • Work has three state position switches for users to choose a common power supply(N) together, two points, and standby power(R) together.
  • Switch has small size,lightweight,stable, easy to use features

Specifications of RKQ2B (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switchgear

Dimensi0n of RKQ2B (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switchgear