Siemens 6FX2001-3CC50 Incremental Encoder With Connector

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Feature of Siemens 6FX2001-3CC50 Incremental Encoder

  • Incremental Encoders Detect Relative Movement and Deliver a Defined Number of Electrical Pulses per Revolution, Which Represent the Measurement of the Traveled Distance or Angle
  • Incremental Encoders Operate on the Principle of Optoelectronic Scanning of Dividing Discs with the Transmitted Light Principle
  • The Light Source is a Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • The Light-Dark Modulation Generated as the Encoder Shaft Rotates is Picked up by Photoelectronic Elements
  • The Analog Signal Allows the Digitization of the Trace Signals
  • To Obtain a Fine Resolution, the Signals are Interpolated in the Higher-Level Controller
  • RoHS Compliant

Specifications of Siemens 6FX2001-3CC50 Incremental Encoder

  • Approval: UL (Canada and US), CE, CSA
  • Symmetry: +/-10 Percent
  • Quadrature: 90 Degree +/-10 Percent
  • Resolution: 2500 S/R
  • Shaft Loading: 40 Newton (Axial), 60 Newton (Radial)
  • Running Torque: 0.01 Newton-Meter
  • Connection Type: 1 Meter Cable with Axial/Radial Connector
  • Starting Torque: 0.01 Newton Meter
  • Mounting: Synchro Flange
  • Enclosure: IP64/67
  • Operating Voltage: 5 Volt DC
  • Output Configuration: Sin/Cos 1 Vpp
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 100 Deg C