Siemens Automatic Transfer Switch 3KC Series

The 3KC Siemens Automatic Transfer switch can securely transition between two power sources and guarantee a constant power supply. They can also prevent operational faults by switching between two loads. A remote-controlled version (3KC RTSE) and a manually operated version (3KC MTSE) are also available in addition to the automatic transfer switching equipment (3KC ATSE).

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The 3KC MTSE Siemens Automatic Transfer Switch can be mechanically interlocked and is suitable for manual transfer switching activities up to 1,600 A between two grids or two electrical loads. All of these transfer-switching devices, which are used in industrial and infrastructural applications, meet the specifications set out in IEC 60947-6-1 and IEC 60947-3. In the event of line variations, 3KC transfer switching equipment provides a practical and secure way to switch between power supply systems. Systems are switched on all poles and without a brief period of parallel operation. A brief load downtime is ensured via fast transfer switching. High performance and simplicity of installation are made possible by the integration of transfer switching and control into a single device.

Features of Siemens Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Reasonably designed with a compact volume, attractive appearance, a protective shield included, and a more dependable power source.
  • Full protection features, such as overload, open phase, loss of voltage, and short circuit protection.
  • Energy-efficient, quiet, easy to install and use, and exhibiting steady and dependable performance.

Specification of Siemens Automatic Changeover Switch

  • Type: automatic, manual
  • Mounting: busbar
  • Other characteristics:4-pole, 3-pole
  • Primary current: Min.: 16 A /Max.: 6,300 A

Applications of Siemens Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Smoke Extract Fans
  • Sprinkler pumps
  • Emergency lights