GT 800W Micro Inverter MPPT Solar Inverter

This GT 800W Micro Inverter(Solar Grid-connected Micro Inverter) utilizes MPPT technology, increasing power generation by over 25% through accurate Maximum Power Point Tracking. Enjoy wireless operation and monitoring via WiFi or a mobile app, enhancing overall efficiency. The micro inverter ensures safety with independent component control and IP66 protection against rainwater. It can be easily installed behind the module or on a bracket.

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1. MPPT technology: GT-800 micro inverter solar grid inverter app phone monitoring os12. Accurate Maximum Power Point Tracking. MPPT algorithm can optimize the energy detection of solar modules. It accurately detects and collects sunlight and blocks the maximum power points, which increases power generation by more than 25%.

2. Wireless operation: micro-inverters can be operated and monitored via WiFi or mobile app, which can greatly improve overall efficiency.

3. Safe to use: The microinverter can control each component independently, minimizing potential safety risks and preventing accidents. IP66 protection effectively prevents rainwater from wearing down the surface. Connected in parallel to minimize safety risks. High quality and safe enough.

4. Easy installation: the micro-inverter can be installed directly behind the module or on a bracket to facilitate user maintenance. Stackable connection, high-precision phase detection, over-voltage and under-voltage protection, over- and under-frequency protection, and islanding protection. Almost no maintenance is required, with the occasional removal of dust on the photovoltaic module.



  • Provide clean and environmentally friendly energy for household electricity
  • Shopping malls, factories, etc., convert the solar energy collected by solar panels into alternating current for commercial electricity
  • Agriculture, e.g. powering irrigation systems and livestock houses
  • Power support for people who use electrical appliances
  • In the road lighting system of municipal engineering
  • Convert solar energy into electricity for lighting, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.



 Model GT-800
 DC Input 16-50VDC
 AC Output 110V or 230VAC
 mppt tracking voltage 25-35v
 Waterproof grade IP66
 AC wire length/wire diameter 2m/3*1.5 square
 Output Frequency 48-60HZ
 Number of solar panels connected Double group 2*100-400W
 Communication Method/APP Bluetooth/WIFI-TUYA
 Size 31*18.5*4.4(CM)
 Net weight 2.0 (KG)
 Gross weight 2.7(KG)
 Single machine packaging 34*24*9.5(CM)