SVR (Sealed vehicle rocker) Rocker Switches

The Eaton SVR (Sealed Vehicle Rocker) is offered in single and double-pole switch circuits, with two and three-position momentary and maintained circuits available. Switch and illumination circuits are terminated tin-plated copper alloy spade terminals. Switch performance and specifications are the same for all actuator styles. Matte finish is standard on all actuator styles, matching the finish on the bezels and all other visible SVR switch features and accessories.

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  • Connector can be loaded with appropriate terminals and/or wire seals to accomplish sealing at the back end of the switch.Design includes a sealed contact chamber that provides dust and water resistance to IP68
  • The small switch footprint minimizes the space taken on switch panels
  • Switch is pressed through the top of the panel and held in place by retention tabs molded into the body of the switch eliminating the need for mounting hardware or special tools
  • LED protection circuitry protects the LED from overvoltage and reverse voltage conditions
  • Above and below panel rocker styles available