TM6331 Mulitipurpose Programmable Electronic Timer Switch

Yueqing TM6331  7 days 24hrs Programmable Electronic Timer Switch can automatically switch on and switch off various kinds of electric equipment at a preset time before a week and can work cyclically per week or day (from one mnute to 168hours) according to the preset programs. It is widely used in 7 days programmable control of streetlight, neon light (sign), lamp, water heater, air conditioner, billboard, electric cooker, booster,  sprayer, bottler, preheater, agriculture facilities and broadcasting equipment etc. The digital timer switch is within recharge battery backup for power failiure. it has the features of low consumption, high-accuracy CMOS chip, strongly anti-jamming, simple and easy to set, confirms to IEC 60367 and CE certificated.


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  • Panel mounted 30Amp time switch for 7 days-24 hours
  • Advanced pre-setting one week before
  • 17 ON/OFF programs for daily and weekly
  • One channel, volt free output
  • Accurate-to-the-minute control
  • LED power indicator, high contrast LCD display
  • Reset function and manual override
  • Battery back up for power failiure
  • Height × Width × Depth:
  • Product Size: 98.5 × 66 × 36 mm


  • Public gardens
  • Commercial building
  • Industrial building



  • Optional A: TM6331-1 for 127 Vac and TM6331-2 for 230 Vac.
  • Output: 30amp, SPDT @ 250Vac, volt-free output.
  • Installation: panel mounted.