TOU-550V Molded Case Circuit Breaker

The TOU550V Molded Case Circuit Breaker is designed for application in DC systems with a rated operational DC voltage of less than 1000V and a rated operational current ranging from 10A to 1250A. This circuit breaker is equipped with protective features, including safeguards against overload, short circuits, and under-voltage situations, effectively shielding electrical lines and power supply equipment from potential damage caused by over-voltage and excessive current. Its versatility is evident in its widespread use across various sectors, such as power generation, power distribution and transformation, new energy sources, telecommunications, construction, and other related fields.

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Features of TOU-550V Molded Case Circuit Breaker

  • Utilized within a DC system without grounding, either with one pole grounded or with the neutral point grounded.
  • Capable of carrying a maximum load of 1250A when multiple breakers are operated in parallel.
  • Incorporates an arcing quench system that combines VJC and ISTAC technologies.
  • Designed to operate at full load even in ambient temperatures of up to 50℃.
  • Can be installed both vertically and horizontally.
  • Includes isolation functionality and complies with the standards lEC60947-2 and GB14048.2.

Applications of TOU-550V Molded Case Circuit Breaker

  • These devices are used in medium and low voltage power systems.
  • Their purpose is to protect circuits from overloads, short circuits, and various other electrical faults.
  • In industrial control systems, they are essential for safeguarding motors, transformers, and other critical equipment.
  • They are also employed in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to ensure the safety of electrical systems.
  • Furthermore, they play a role in protecting communication equipment and associated communication lines.
  • In the context of emerging energy technologies like solar and wind power, these components are vital for guaranteeing the secure operation of electrical equipment.



Specification of TOU-550V Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Parameter Value
Shell frame grade current 550
Ripping device rated current 100、125、140、160、180、200、225、250
Number of poles 4
Rated insulation voltage 1000V
Rated operational voltage DC 1000V
Rated impulse withstand voltage 8000V
Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity 40
Rated operational short-circuit breaking capacity 25
Mechanical life 10000
Electrical life 5000
Flashover distance ≯50
Dimension 142X165X103mm
Overload protection 250-630 A
Protection function 100-250 A

250-360 A

Action tolerance ±20%
Work environment -40℃~+70℃