UL2464 Wire Hook up Wire EKF51900

UL2464 Wire :

Related temperature:60℃

Rated voltage:30V

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UL758&UL1581 and CSA C22.2 NO.210.05

Conductors shall be stranded above 40AWG of bare copper or tinned copper wire or copper foil wire or copper alloy

Polyvinyl chloride or semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride Tinned or bare copper wire twisted ground wire Can be added to bare copper or tinned copper wire or copper alloy weaving or winding shield

Lead-free PVC sheath

Non-mobile sheath is available

Through UL vw-1 and CSA FT1 vertical fire resistance test



Heat resistance,good insulation property,excellent chemical performance,extruding sheath.



Conductor:fine strands of copper/tinned copper wire,excellent corrosion resistance.

Insulation:special PVC Colour:Acc.to UL758

Sheath:80℃ heat-resistant flame-resistant

PVC,pass VW-1 flame testing Colour:black green

Orange purple

Or refer to customer’s requirement.


Technical data

Rated voltage:300V Test voltage:2000V Temperature rnge:

Fixed Installation:-15℃-+80℃

Flexing Installation:-5℃-+80℃

The minimum bending radius:

Fixed Installation:4X external diameter Flexing Installation:15X external diameter


Part-No Type Specification Weighed



External diameter



EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*27C 126.1 9.0
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*28C 131.6 9.3
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*29C 134.4 9.3
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*30C 137.2 9.3
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*31C 143.0 9.6
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*32C 145.8 9.6
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*33C 148.6 9.6
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*34C 154.7 10.0
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*35C 157.5 10.0
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*36C 160.3 10.0
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*37C 158.4 9.8
EKF51900 UL2464 26AWG*38C 164.4 10.2
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*2C 29.4 4.5
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*3C 34.0 4.8
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*4C 40.2 5.1
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*5C 46.9 5.5
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*6C 53.9 6.0
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*7C 58.0 6.0
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*8C 65.1 6.4
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*9C 73.9 7.0
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*10C 82.5 7.4
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*11C 89.0 7.7
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*12C 91.9 7.7
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*13C 95.5 8.0
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*14C 99.6 8.0
EKF51900 UL2464 24AWG*15C 107.0 8.4