ZHRV5-09 Over Voltage Protection Relay

ZHRV5-09 Over Voltage Protection Relay from Rated supply voltage:AC 3×220V /3×460V; Operating voltage range:AC 187V~529V; Rated supply frequency:50Hz~65Hz;

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Applications of ZHRV5-09 Voltage control relay

Used in air conditioning units, elevator machine room, pumps, fans and other motor control applications, as protection  of  over-voltage,  under  voltage, phase failure, phase sequence and phase unbalance. When the power  supply is abnormal, turn off power supply to protect the equipment.

Features of ZHRV5-09 Voltage control relay

Built-in microprocessors, true RMS voltage measurement, voltage measurement accuracy≤1%. Measuring frequency 45Hz~65Hz,knob setting, LED indicator shows working status. Rated voltage three-phase three-wire220V~460V universal.DIN rail mounting.

Specification of ZHRV5-09 Voltage control relay

Rated supply voltage AC 3×220V→3×460V
Operating voltage range AC 187V~529V
Rated supply frequency 50/60Hz
Voltage range 220-230-240-380-400-415-440-460 (M)
Measuring range AC 176V→552V
Measurement frequency range 45Hz~65Hz
Phase filure and phase sequence action time < 0.5s
Action delay 0.1s~10s
Fixed hysteresis rate 2% / 2% of rated operating voltage
Voltage measurement error ≤1% (Entire setting range )
Delay error ±10%+0.1s
Knob setting accuracy 1% scale value
Rated insulation voltage 460V
Contact configuration capacity(A) 8A
IP Class IP 20
Class of pllution
Electrical Life 105
Mechanical life 106
Altitude ≤2000m
Allowable relative humidity ≤50% ( 40°C ) (No condensation )
Use category AC-15
DIN rail Standard Ue/Ie : 250V/1.5A
Contact capacity 1 C/O
DIN rail Standard width 35mm(IEC/EN60715)