ZJB-101 Online Battery Monitoring System

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  • Independent sampling channel, and fuse to protect battery safety.
  • Cell monitoring module equipped with external temperature sensor.
  • Automatically switch three working modes: Equalization operations, Internal resistance test, Voltage, and temperature monitoring.
  • Automatic determine battery opened loop or offline status.
  • Detect and display charge and discharge capacity of the battery bank.
  • Alarm record with time stamp for battery unexpect status, minimun 1min record interval for all battery cell.
  • 4.0 inch TFT screen.
  • USB interface for export record data.
  • Provide Visual & sound alarm notice, with DO passive node for connect other device.
  • Ethernet interface, RS232 and RS485 interfaces for build SCADA.


Battery bank monitoring:

Voltage 0~999.99V
Accuracy 0.10%
Current 0~999.99A
Accuracy ±0.5% for Shunt, ±1% for Hall CT

Battery cell monitoring:

Cell voltage 0~20.000V
Accuracy 0.1% @ ±30% rated voltage
Cell internal resistance 0~65535uOhm
Accuracy 5%
Cell temperature 0-99.9°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Call capacity display 9999.9AH @ 1Sec detect interval


Float charging equalization 10mV
Battery cell qtys ≤240cells
Cell rated voltage 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V
System info record 1000lists
Alarm info display 240lists
Alarm info record 1000lists
Working voltage AC220V & DC110/220V
Communication interface RS485 / RS232 / Ethernet optional