ZP-05 HART Temperature Transmitter

The ZP-05 HART Temperature Transmitter is designed to meet common Single Point measurement application requirements. This temperature transmitter can easily work with a variety of sensors (RTDs and thermocouples) and thermowell. It is provided in a head mount configuration suitable for installation in a wide variety of connection heads and housings.

It Provides HART protocol, equipped USB mini-USB interface, and an easy-to-use configuration method from any PC.

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  • Standard head mounting shell can be install in any types industry transmitter housing
  • Accept various temperature sensor signal input
  • Output two-wire standard current signal
  • HART protocol valid
  • Mini-USB port allowed user free to configuration input signal type and range, output signal range


Input of ZP-05 HART Temperature Transmitter:

Input signal Resistance temperature detector (RTD), thermocouple (TC)
Cold-junction compensation -20 -60°C
Compensation precision ±1°C @ temperature scope


Output signal 4-20mA, overlaid HART protocol
Load resistance RL≤(Ue-12)/0.021
Output current of upper and lower
limit overflow alarm
IH=21mA, IL=3.8mA


Supply voltage DC12-40V
Temperature drift 0.0075%FS/°C
Response time Reach to 90% of the final value for 700ms
Used environmental temperature -40 – 80°C
Storage temperature -40 – 100°C
Insulation strength (between input
and output)
1500Vrms (1 min, without spark)
Insulation resistance (between
input and output)
≥100MΩ(under the 500 VDC)
Aseismicity 4g/2 – 150Hz
Installation angle Unlimited
Installation area B-type top cassette installation
Electromagnetic compatibility Conform to GB/T18268 industrial equipment application requirements, equal IEC 61326-1


Input type and transmission accuracy:

Model Type Measurement scope Minimum measurement scope Conversion accuracy (larger value)
detector (RTD)
Pt100 -200~850°C 20°C ± 0.1%range Or± 0.2°C
Cu50 -50~150°C 20°C ± 0.1%range Or± 0.2°C
B 100~1820°C 500°C ± 0.1%range Or± 1.5°C
E -100~1000°C 50°C ± 0.1%range Or± 0.5°C
J -100~1200°C 50°C ± 0.1%range Or± 0.5°C
K -180~1372°C 50°C ± 0.1%range Or± 0.5°C
N -180~1300°C 50°C ± 0.1%range Or± 0.5°C
R -50~1768°C 500°C ± 0.1%range Or± 1.5°C
S -50~1768°C 500°C ± 0.1%range Or± 1.5°C
T -200~400°C 50°C ± 0.1%range Or± 0.5°C


  1. The above accuracy data were obtained by testing at an ambient temperature of
    20 °C ± 2 °C.
  2. The output precision “%” is relative to the set range.
  3.  The cold end compensation error needs to be added to the thermocouple measurement, and the internal cold end compensation error is ≤±1°C.