How to Choose a Home Energy Storage?

Background introduction of home energy storage

Against the background of the world energy crisis and global carbon neutrality, with the upgrading of technology and user consumption, as well as the refined trend of energy utilization around the world, energy storage systems are increasingly showing the characteristics of household use. Especially in European and American countries, household energy storage is gradually entering thousands of households. In recent years, more and more household energy storage users in the world have chosen this form of energy storage in response to the “green energy” call, which can save electricity bills and realize the country’s “double carbon” goal.

home energy storage

What is home energy storage?

Home energy storage, also known as electric energy storage or “battery energy storage systems” (BESS), is usually installed in combination with household photovoltaic systems and applied to home user scenarios to provide them with electrical energy.

Working principle of home energy storage

Home energy storage diagram

Description of home energy storage working mode

This model doubles the proportion of household green electricity usage by storing electricity for nighttime use and is the most effective way to reduce carbon footprints and gain energy independence.

Peak shaving and valley filling
This mode uses intelligent charging and discharging to charge the energy storage system in the trough or flat section and discharge it in the peak or flat section. The time-based charge and discharge control will provide users with the best economic value.

Backup Power Mode
Select the “Backup Power” mode, and the home energy storage system will provide users with safe and stable energy during grid interruptions. During grid outages, the energy stored in the home energy storage system will be turned on for use.

home energy storage working

How to choose home energy storage?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of home energy storage, so how can you choose the most suitable one? At least the following three basic criteria need to be met.

The environment of each household where home energy storage is installed is different. Various factors such as house orientation and roof structure will affect the energy storage efficiency, and different people have different power consumption scales. Therefore, when you choose a home energy storage system, you need a customized solution to match the most suitable photovoltaic energy storage system solution according to their actual situation.

We have various types of home energy storage and can design customized solutions for you. From a professional point of view, analyze the photovoltaic policies of various places, carry out detailed plan sorting, help you choose the most suitable home energy storage products and the best configuration according to the actual needs of electricity consumption, installation environment, etc., and make home storage customization. The high-quality energy ecosystem allows each solar panel to maximize the use of solar energy, comprehensively improve power generation and energy storage efficiency, and bring you a better power consumption experience and the shortest payback cycle, based on long-term interests.

household energy storage

As time goes by, the power consumption scale of different home energy storage application environments may continue to expand due to the influence of many factors such as family members and the increase in electrical equipment. At this time, the power generation system needs to increase the power to a higher value, in order to guarantee electricity consumption. Therefore, a home energy storage system that can arbitrarily expand power generation can better meet your needs.

Some of our household energy storage adopts an expandable stacked battery modular design (flexible combination of 4-8 modules), which can realize 10.24-20.48kwh battery capacity expansion. You can increase or decrease batteries according to your own electricity demand at different stages so energy storage is more flexible.

Safe enough
Safety comes first in battery applications, so energy storage systems require a higher level of safety. Home energy storage systems need to pay more attention to safety issues to prevent safety accidents. In terms of power consumption, it is best to realize intelligent monitoring and management, so as to understand the usage of backup power in time and further prevent problems before they happen.
Our home energy storage uses high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are safe, reliable, and durable with a cycle life of more than 6000 times.

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