24Vdc to 120Vac 1-3KVA Rack type Pure sine wave inverter

This type Rack mount Inverter with a new generation of dual input inverter solution designed for the field of communication applications, which is suitable for the high reliability of the communication system. The solution is equipped with 120V AC power supply and 24V DC power Input , which fills the gap between the traditional UPS power supply and common pure sine wave inverter solutions.

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  • Standard 19” Rack mount2 RU Chassis;
  • True sine wave output (T.H.D < 3%);
  • Large 128*64 digital Lcd display data information,4 led display working;
  • 5 Routes Dry contact for system (DC input fault, AC input fault, overload information, by-pass information and output fault);
  • RS232 and RS485 & Optional SNMP communication Port;
  • Power-on self-test, Soft output start,Start auto restart while Ac or Dc is recovering;
  • Auto switch function: DC to AC, AC bypass, less than 5ms;
  • Real-time monitoring of the system operating status,Audible and visual alarm;
  • Record the historical alarm message and can be queried;
  • Build in voltage regulator Stabilize AC voltage;
  • Maintenance bypass /DC available;
  • Protection :Short load protection, over load protection, battery over/under voltage protection, over current, over temperature;


1. Power supply for all medium to high power DC loads

2. Telecommunication.

3. Rectifiers in DC systems with battery backup

4. Industrial control systems.

5. Charging and buffering of stationary batteries in electrical power plants


Technical Data
Model BWT24/1201KVA
AC Input Voltage 98-144AC
Battery Input Voltage 24Vdc
Battery Voltage Range 22-28Vdc
Cooling 2*Fans (Temp.Control Speed According to the output capacity)
DC Input Current 45.45A Max
Output Frequency 60Hz±1%
Output Capacity 1000VA
Rated Output Capacity 800W
Rated output Voltage 120VAC (Inverter Mode )-
Rated Output Current 6.67A
Output Voltage Range 120Vac(Tolerance ±1.5% @Inverter Mode)
Output Efficiency ≥85% (Inverter Mode)
Output Frequency 60Hz
Frequency Range 57~63Hz
Output Wave Pure sine wave
THD ≤3% (Line Load)
Switch Time (By pass to Inverter mode) ≤5ms (With Load)
AC Under Voltage  Switch Protection ≤88VAC (Backlash voltage≥5Vac)
AC over Voltage  Switch protection ≥132VAC
Over-Temperature Yes (Auto Switch)
Battery under voltage protection point ≤20VDC
Battery Low-voltage alarm 21.5VDC±0.5
Battery overvoltage protection point ≥20VDC
Battery overvoltage recovery point ≤28.5VDC
Output Over Current Protection
Over Load Capacity Continue working       @overload 110%
Over Load Capacity Continue working 60s   @ overload 110%~130%
Over Load Capacity Continue working 10s   @over load >150%
Over Temp. Protection Yes
short circuit Protection Yes (Don’t test under AC Connect)
Reverse connection protection Yes
Output OVP ≥132VAC(Inverter Mode)
Output low voltage alarm ≤88VAC (Inveter Mode)
Dielectric strength(AC-Chassis) 3500Vdc/10mA//1min .No flash over, no breakdown, no arc (Only AC Input priority)
Dielectric strength(DC-Chassis) 750Vdc/10mA/1min. No flash over, no breakdown


LVD EN 60950-1
EMC/EM I EN 61000-6-3; EN 61000-6-1 ;IEC 61000-6-2 and IEC 61000-6-4


IEC62321-4, IEC 62321-5,IEC 62321-6,IEC 62321-7,IEC 62321-8


Ambient Temp. -20~ +50℃
High temperature operation 50±2℃ (rated load 24H)
Low temperature operation -20±2℃ (rated load 24H)
High temperature storage 80±2 ℃,24H
Low temperature storage -40±2℃,24H
Humidity 0~90%,No moisture condensation
Operating  Altitude (m) Altitude Full power up to 2000m.derating -2% / 100m, max altitude 5000m
Rs232 & Rs485 Yes
SNMP Optional
Dry Contact 5 group
LCD Status


Input and output Voltage, Frequency ,Output Current,Temp., Load Rate,  LOGO  etc.


Inverter Status


Normal Mains, Normal Inverter, Battery Under-voltage and output overload etc.


Size W*D*H(mm) 482mm *370mm*88mm (2RU)
Weight 13.5KG