3 Phase 4 Wire Energy Meter

The 3 Phase 4 Wire Energy Meter is a novel sort of three phase whole electronic type meter that uses sophisticated digital sampling and SMT techniques, as well as modern micro-electronics technology and specially imported large scale integrated circuits. The National Standard GB/T17215.321-2008 and the International Standard lEC62053-21 on the meter are fully complied with by the meters.

In a three phase alternating current circuit with a rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, the meter is used to measure the active energy power consumption. It has the ability to assess active energy consumption directly and precisely in both positive and negative directions. It has the following characteristics: sophisticated techniques, compact volume, light weight, elegant appearance, and good dependability.

The energy meter is situated within. The following site conditions will be taken for granted: The outside temperature is between -25°C and +55°C, with a maximum relative humidity of 95%. There isn’t any strong gas that corrodes, nor is there any impact from dust, mold, insects, etc.

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Features of 3 Phase 4 Wire Energy Meter

  • It is a rail-type three-phase electronic energy meter
  • Using microelectronics technology and large scale integrated circuits
  • Using digital sampling technology and SMT process
  • Meet national and international standard requirements
  • For measuring active energy consumption in three-phase AC circuits
  • It can accurately and directly measure the active power consumption in the positive and negative directions
  • It has the characteristics of good reliability, small size, light weight and beautiful appearance.

Application of 3 Phase 4 Wire Energy Meter

  • All power parameter measurement;
  • Energy measurement and electrical fire monitor and control;
  • Replacing the three-phase power meter, three phase electricity transmitter;
  • Transformers, generators, capacitors and electric motors distributed detection;
  • Medium and low pressure systems;
  • SCADA, EMS, DCS integrators.