KPM33 Three Phase Smart Meter

The KPM33 Three Phase Smart Meter features an installation structure of DIN35mm, an LCD display, the ability to measure electrical energy and other electrical parameters, and the ability to set various parameters like clock, rate period, and so forth. It also has an electrical energy pulse output function and comes with an RS485 communication interface by default, with the option to connect to WIFI.

The energy meter’s benefits include small physical protection, excellent precision, strong dependability, and ease of installation. Its performance indices also meet national and power industry standards. Businesses and organizations can utilize the technical specifications for government agencies and big public buildings for electrical energy monitoring when assessing their energy management.

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Feature of 3 phase smart meter

  • Three-phase voltage, current, apparent power, power factor, frequency, active energy, and reactive energy measurements
  • Four different types of rates and up to eight time periods per day are possible with multi-rate energy statistics. The function of historical power statistics
  • Rated current A 10-100A LED shows the following: one road passive optical coupler collector active pulse output; default Modbus protocol; optional WiFi connectivity; phase failure; reverse power; and communication status.
  • A variety of power metrics and information are displayed on a 7 +1 bit LCD.
  • Real-time monitoring, an integrated clock, a maintenance-free battery, and data that is saved indefinitely after a power outage
  • Installation of a conventional DIN rail measuring 35 mm is attractive and simple.
    Relay included optionally for remote control

Applications of three phase smart meter

  • In power systems with medium and low voltages
  • Defend circuits from defects such as overload and short circuit.
  • Within an industrial control system
  • Safeguard other equipment, such as transformers and motors.
  • utilized in developing electrical systems for homes, businesses, and industries
  • used to safeguard communication connections, equipment, etc.
  • Electrical system of renewable energy devices, like solar and wind power
  • Make certain that electrical equipment operates safely.


Input voltage Rated voltage 3×220V/380V
Overall power consumption <2VA
Frequency range 45~65Hz

Input current

Rated current 10-100A
Frequency range 45~65Hz
Measure- ment accuracy Voltage ±0.2%(0.01V)
Current ±0.2%(0.01A)
Active power ±0.5%(0 .1 W)
Reactive power ±2.0%(0.1var)
Active energy ±0.5%(0.1kWh)
Reactive energy ±2.0%(0.1kvarh)
Power factor ±0.5%(0.001)
Frequency ±0.02Hz(0.01Hz)
Clock Clock accuracy <0.5S/D
Comm unication Communication interface RS485/WIFI
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU,1200~19200bps; Optioanl WiFi, 4G
Electrical insulation Power frequency withstand voltage AC2kV/min~1mA Input-output-power source
Insulation resistance >50MΩ
Impact voltage 5kV ( Peak ),1.2/50us
Working environ- ment Operating temperature -25℃ ~ +70℃
Relative humidity 5%~95% No condensation
Storage temperature -30℃ ~ +75℃
Altitude No more than 4000m
Electrom- agnetic Compati- bility Surge (impact) immunity IEC61000-4-5,Level4
Electrical fast burst immunity IEC61000-4-4,Level4
Electrostatic discharge immunity IEC61000-4-2,Level4
Power frequency magnetic field immunity IEC61000-4-8,Level4