ADL3000-E Din Rail 3 Phase Energy Meter

Acrel ADL3000-E Din Rail 3 Phase Energy Meter multifunction 0.5s KWh energy meter with RS485.

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  • AC 3×220/380V,3×380V,3×57.7/100V,3×100V
  • 3×1(6)A,3×10(80)A
  • U、I、P、Q、S、PF、kWh、kvarh
  • LCD display
  • Frozen data
  • 2-31st  Harmonics
  • kWh Class 0.5S,kVarh Class 2


Input voltage 3×100V, 3× 380V, 3× 57.7/100V, 3× 220/380V
Input current 3× 1(6)A, 3×10(80)A
Frequency 45~65Hz
Accuracy class 0.5s
Function measure U 、I 、P 、Q 、S 、PF 、F
forward and reverse energy measurement
Option /C: RS485(Modbus-RTU)
/F: multi tariff (shares) energy
/K: 1DI/1DO
/2C: the second channel RS485(Modbus-RTU)
/T: three channels temperature measurement(NTC)
/H: 2-31st harmonic
Net weight 0.3kg
Dimension 127mmx88mmx70mm