DTS5558-7P 3 Phase Meter

DTS5558-7P 3 Phase Meter is a new style three phase four wire active energy meter that uses micro-electronics and imported large scale integrate circuits, as well as advanced digital and SMT techniques. The meter fully complies with the pertinent technical specifications of the international standard IEC 62053-21 for class 1 three phase active energy meters.

It is able to detect the active energy consumption at 50Hz or 6OHz immediately and accurately from an AC electrical net with four phases and four wires. It can show the total energy used by motor type impulse register and step.

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Features of 3 Phase Meter

  • Phase loss using three LED displays for L1, L2, and L3 and two LED displays for pulse and reverse
  • LED-based reverse direction display
  • DIN rail installed, compact modular size.
  • By determining where energy is being used, distribution boards, load centers, tiny, and other items may be installed easily.

Application of 3 Phase Meter

  • Measurement of all power parameters;
  • Monitoring and control of electrical fires;
  • Energy measurement;
  • Changing the three-phase electricity transmitter and power meter;
  • Distributed detection in transformers, generators, capacitors, and electric motors;
  • Systems with medium and low pressure;
  • EMS, DCS, and SCADA integrators.


Specification DTS5558-7P
Accuracy Active Class1.0
Reactive Optional
Voltage Rated 3×57.7/100V,3×220/380V
Range 0.9Un~1.1Un
Limit 0.8Un~1.2Un
Frequency 50/60Hz
Current Range 3×1.5(6), 3x 5(30), 3x 10(50),
3x 15(90), 3x 20(100), 3x 5(40), 3x 5(100)A
Starting Current 0.4%Ib
Constant Active 1600imp/kWh
Reactive \
Display Type LCD
Digit 6+
Communication Interface Optical/Infrared/RS485 (Optional)
Protocol MODBUS,DLT/645,IEC1107