400W AC 220V MPPT Micro Inverter Single Phase

The 400W MPPT Micro Inverter is intended for on-grid tie solar systems and features IP65 waterproofing, a 230VAC output, an RS232 Port, and a voltage range of 22-50VDC. It has a smart Wi-Fi module with many security features, easy installation, and great efficiency thanks to MPPT technology.

Reputable for its consistent performance, this microinverter may be integrated with an advanced smart house monitoring system to enable Internet of Things (IoT)-based intelligent online monitoring and control.


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What is An MPPT Micro Inverter?

An MPPT Micro Inverter, also known as a Maximum Power Point Tracking Micro Inverter, is a specialized device used in solar power systems.

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking): This technology is employed in solar inverters to maximize the power output from solar panels. Solar panels have an optimal operating point where they produce the maximum amount of power. MPPT technology adjusts the electrical operating point of the solar panels in real-time, ensuring they operate at this maximum power point, regardless of changes in environmental conditions like sunlight intensity or temperature.

Micro Inverter: A micro inverter is a small-scale inverter designed for use in photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems. Unlike traditional inverters that connect to multiple solar panels, a micro inverter is typically installed on or near individual solar panels. This allows each solar panel to have its inverter, converting the direct current (DC) generated by the panel into alternating current (AC) for use in homes or the electrical grid.

Combining these concepts, an MPPT Micro Inverter integrates the MPPT technology into a small-scale inverter format. It is specifically designed to be installed on or near individual solar panels, enabling each panel to independently operate at its maximum power point. This technology helps optimize energy harvest from each solar panel, contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of the solar power system. The real-time tracking and adjustment provided by MPPT technology ensure that the system operates efficiently even under varying environmental conditions.

dimension of MPPT micro inverter 400W

Features of MPPT Micro Inverter

  • Exceptional Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for optimal performance.
  • Capability for power transmission in reverse.
  • Comprehensive input and output isolation to ensure electrical safety.
  • Accommodates multiple parallel stackings for increased capacity.
  • Utilizes a digital control system for precise management.
  • User-friendly maintenance, making it easy for users to service.
  • Cost-effective operation and maintenance.
  • Offers versatility in installation options.

Specification of MPPT Micro Inverter

Model GTB-400-B
Maximum input power 275-400W
Number of DC input connections (groups) MC4*1
Maximum DC input voltage 52V
Operating voltage range 20-50V
Start-up voltage 18V
MPPT Tracking Range 22-48V
MPPT Tracking accuracy >99.5%
Maximum DC input current 12
Rated power output 380W
Maximum output power 400W
Rated output voltage 230V
Output voltage range 190-270V
Rated AC current (at 230V) 1.73A
Rated output frequency 60Hz
Output frequency range (Hz) 58.9-61.9Hz
THD ﹤5%
Power factor ﹥99%
Maximum number of branch circuit connections @120VAC : 8 set / @230VAC : 16 set
Maximum conversion efficiency 94%
CEC efficiency 92%
Night losses <80mW
Protection Function
Over/under voltage protection Yes
Over/under frequency protection Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Overcurrent protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Over-temperature protection Yes
Protection class IP65
Working environment temperature -40℃ ~ +65℃
Indicator lights quantity Working status LED light *1 + Wifi signal led light *1
Communication connection mode WiFi/2.4G
Cooling method Natural cooling (no fan)
Working environment temperature Indoor and outdoor
Certification standards EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3,EN62109-2,EN55032,
General information
Dimensions(L*W*H) 253mm*200mm*40mm
Net Weight 1.2 kg