50A Cartridge Schneider Fuse

This 50A Cartridge Schneider Fuse is a NFC fuse cartridge for TeSys GS switch-disconnector fuses devices. It is a gG fuse-link that protects against thermal overloads and magnetic over currents, used in standard applications. Its current rating is 50 A and the maximum rated voltage is 400 VAC. It is a cylindrical fuse (NFC type), the dimensions are 14mm x 51mm. It has no striker to indicate when the fuse is blown. This fuse is sold by set of 10 parts.

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  • Power systems: Protect motors, transformers and other electrical equipment in power systems from overload and short-circuit damage
  • Used to protect circuits, electrical components and motors in industrial control systems to prevent equipment damage caused by current overload or short circuit
  • Used to prevent overloading of electrical circuits in buildings and real estate projects, protecting wires, sockets and other electrical equipment
  • Used in automobiles, trains, boats and other vehicles to protect circuits and electronic equipment from damage caused by current overload
  • Used in household appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., to prevent electrical equipment from being overloaded or short-circuited to cause fire or equipment damage


Attribute Value
Current Rating 50A
Fuse Size 14 x 51mm
Voltage Rating 400V
Better World Product Yes
Better World Verification Green Premium