Accuenergy DC Current Shunt

Accuenergy DC current shunt is engineered for precision measurement in DC current systems. Shunts are designed to measure electrical currents based on a small voltage drop created across a high-precision resistor placed in series with a load. When connected to a DC power meter, DC current shunts provide accurate energy measurements in a variety of applications including renewable energy, mass transit, battery charging, electric vehicles, welding, heavy industrial environments, and OEM applications.

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  • Simplifies calibration/verification of precision calibrators and current sources
  • Shunts sized for currents from 1mA to 100A
  • Usable from dc to 100 kHz
  • 14 individual dc and ac current shunts with a 1, 2, 5 sequence over 6 decades of current
  • Simple direct measurements, making ac/dc transfers unnecessary
  • Stability typically better then ± 5.0 µΩ/Ω for one year
  • Typical angular accuracy of better than ± 0.003º at 1 kHz



  • Commonly used in the control of large air conditioning systems.
  • Lighting system to control the switch of lights.
  • Used for compressor control in refrigeration systems.
  • In motor control, the motor can realize normal start-stop and reverse operation.
  • Used in power capacitor banks to control the connection and disconnection of capacitors
  • Used in the automation control of industrial production lines



Accuracy 0.5%
Voltage drop :75mV
Operational Temparature: -40 to +60°C
Overload: 120% of nominal current (2 hours)
Shunt Temperature with load current
< 80°C when Load current < 50A
< 120°C when Load current > 50A