Accuenergy DC Current Shunt from 1mA to 100A

Accuenergy DC current shunt is specifically designed for accurate measurement in DC current systems. Shunts measure electrical currents by detecting the voltage drop across a high-precision resistor connected in series with a load.

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Applications of Accuenergy DC Current Shunt

  • Often employed to manage air conditioning systems of significant size.
  • Utilized in the regulation of lighting systems.
  • Commonly employed in controlling compressors in refrigeration systems.
  • Enables standard start-stop and reverse operation in motor control.
  • Used for controlling the connection and disconnection of capacitors in power capacitor banks.
  • Applied in automating the control of industrial production lines.

Specification of Accuenergy DC Current Shunt

  • Voltage drop: 75mV
  • Operational Temperature: -40 to +60°C
  • Overload: 120% of nominal current for 2 hours
  • Shunt Temperature with load current:
  • -< 80°C when load current < 50A
  • -< 120°C when load current > 50A