ACD3 Series Electric Motor Operator

The ACD3 series Electric Motor Operator is developed using new technologies and new concepts. The product has innovative designs in terms of reducing height and volume, and has independent intellectual property patent technology.

The product fully considers factors such as installation, maintenance and internal accessories installation, and designs an installation method with an integrated structure with the circuit breaker middle cover and a bracket fixed installation method, which is simple and convenient. The product can be installed horizontally or vertically with the circuit breaker without affecting the operating characteristics, and the operation is safe and reliable.

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  • Automation control
  • Execute tasks with precise speed and position
  • Motor-operated equipment can be programmed to change its trajectory and speed
  • High energy efficiency, which can reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Equipment can operate in hazardous environments, reducing risks to workers
  • Equipment has a longer service life and requires less maintenance



  • Manufacturing, automating tasks such as assembly, processing, packaging and handling.
  • Automated warehousing and logistics systems
  • environmental control
  • for automated surgical equipment
  • Used in automated assembly lines and vehicle testing in automotive manufacturing
  • Mining equipment, transport equipment and mine automation