Motor Mechanism Schneider Module MT400

This Motor Mechanism Schneider is a standard motor mechanism for Compact NSX 400/630 and PowerPact Multistandard L frame devices that allows automatic device spring-charging. It helps the circuit breaker to feature a high mechanical endurance as well as easy and sure opening or closing operations. It provides a double insulation of the front face and all indications remain visible and accessible. The control voltage of this motor mechanism module is 380VAC to 415VAC 50/60Hz. The consumption is less than 500VA. Padlocking of the device remains possible.

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  • Estimated 40% reduction of wiring time for panel builders
  • Experience easier installation thanks to a new ergonomic front-plate design
  • Gain the confidence that all auxiliaries are on the right spot
  • Ergonomic new toggle for easier breaker manual operation


device short name MT400/630
Product or component type Motor mechanism
Device application Automatic spring charging
Range compatibility ComPacT new generation (ComPacT NSX400 new generation)
ComPacT new generation (ComPacT NSX630 new generation)
ComPact (ComPact NSX400)
ComPact (ComPact NSX630)
ComPact (ComPacT NSX DC new generation) NSX400 DC
ComPact (ComPacT NSX DC new generation) NSX630 DC
ComPact Compact NSX400 DC
ComPact Compact NSX630 DC
PowerPact Multistandard (PowerPact Multistandard)
EasyPact (EasyPact CVS400)
EasyPact (EasyPact CVS630)
PowerPact (PowerPact L)
Control type Standard
[Uc] control circuit voltage 380…415 V AC 50 Hz
circuit breaker mounting mode Fixed
circuit breaker frame rated current 630 A
400 A
Control signal type Impulse
circuit breaker response time < 700 ms open
< 80 ms closed
Maximum operating frequency 4 per minute
Maximum power consumption in VA 500 VA closing
500 VA opening
Locking options description Padlocking in OFF position
1 to 3 padlocks Ø 5 to Ø 8
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months