ADL100-ET electric single phase meter 2P 10(60)A

ADL100 electric single phase meter measures active energy, voltage, current, power and other electrical parameters on low voltage system.

  • Optional RS485 communication interface and MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
  • 8 digits LCD display U, I, P, Q, PF, kWh, Power measurement (999999.99kWh)
  • Smaller volume & easily din rail installation
  • High Accuracy with IEC standard
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  • Measuring single phase positive and negative active KWH, voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and Frequency
  • Programming code, address, baud rate, multi-tariff and communication protocol
  • Used with Solid core current transformers and conductors
  • Multiple secondary terminal options for different mounting profile
  • 8bit section LCD Display
  • Active energy pulse ouput

ADL100 electric single phase meter front introduction

dimension of ADL100 electric single phase meter


  • Photovoltaic solar power
  • UPS
  • Battery
  • Datacenter
  • DC switching power supply system


Dimensions: 36mm*96 mm*70mm
Operating Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Output Voltage: 220V
Input current : Related voltage AC 220v, reference frequency 50Hz, power consumption <10VA
Input current: 10A-60A, maximum current <4VA
Accuracy Class: 1 class
Measuring Energy Range: 0-999999.99KWH
Phase: single phase
Max Operating Current: 50A – 79A
Active Pulse: pulse constant 1600imp/KWH, LED
Display Type: LCD
Certification: CE
Current: 10(60)A