BFM-II Multi Circuit Power Meter

The BFM-II multi circuit power meter from SATEC is the next-generation branch feeder monitor, offering multiple circuit energy control. The BFM-II offers metering, demand and energy measurements, logging, and multi-tariff (TOU) data solutions with flexibility for both new and retrofit applications.

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  • Up to 54 single-phase, 27 two-phase, or 18 three-phase meters can be found in a single device with multi-channel submetering. Up to a total of 54 current inputs, any combination of single-, two-, and three-phase consumers can be used.
  • Automatic energy totalization from many users
  • One can choose from 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, or 54 submeters thanks to the modular design.
  • Supports Class 0.5S accurate 3-phase, 2-phase, and single-phase meters (real RMS, volts, amps, power, power factor, and neutral current) as well as high accuracy current transformers.
  • Volt/Ampere demand meter
  • Time-of-use, four seasons, four sorts of days, eight energy/demand registers x eight tariffs, eight tariff adjustments daily, and an easily programmable tariff schedule
  • Every submeter has an automated daily profile spanning 120 days for energy and maximum demand readings (both total and tariff records)


  • Data tracking for energy, demand, and power at several points.
  • Up to 54 current inputs per device
  • Currents measured for each phase: with distinct Highly Accurate Current Sensors with a 5A to 3000A rating
  • The measuring range for voltage is 120 (207) to 277 (480)V AC ± 15%.
  • Maximum voltage from line to neutral: 320V
  • Maximum voltage between lines: 552 volts
  • Over/under voltage, over current, over kW, over kVA, and over/under frequency are the alarm configuration options.
  • Common Protocols for Communication: Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP/IP, and Modbus RTU
  • All input channels’ parameters are shown on an optional LCD display.
  • Class 0.5S precision
  • Working Temperature Range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Storage temperature range: -13°F to 176°F (-25°C to 80°C).
  • Humidity range: non-condensing 0 to 95%
  • Gives all the information needed for billing purposes.
  • Total management of entire power systems via the internet with SATEC’s web based Energy Management e-service, eXpertpower, enabling access to a wide variety of data and analysis, from anywhere, anytime.