PMC512D DC Multi Circuit Power Meter

The PMC512D DC Multi Circuit Power Meter is CET’s latest offering for Telecom Base Stations, Renewable Energy, Commercial Building, and Industrial Automation applications that demand Direct Current (DC) multi-circuit monitoring. The PMC-512-D is ideal for applications requiring high-density metering because it is housed in a small metal box. The PMC-512-D is a high-quality device with one mains input, up to 12 branch circuit inputs, multifunction and high-accuracy measurements, and an optional color touch-screen HMI. Thirteen digital inputs for status tracking, one relay output for control or alarm, and one analog input for temperature measurement or other analog input applications are all included with the PMC-512-D as standard.

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  • DC Multi-Circuit Power Monitor: Class 1.0 (Hall Effect CT), Class 0.5 (Main Unit alone).
  • LED Indicators, 126x90x65 mm; Touch Screen HMI Optional
  • One Mains, Twelve Branches, Data Recorder, and Modbus Event Log RTU
  • 2 RS-485, 13 DI, 1 DO, and 1 AI


Voltage / Current ±0.2%
Power ±0.5%
Energy Class 0.5 (Main Unit only), Class 1.0 (inclusive of Hall Effect CT)
Residual Current ±1.0%
Analog Input ±0.5%
Digital Input 13xDI, 48V/240VDC External Excitation
Digital Output 1xDO, Normally Open, 250VAC/5A or 30VDC/5A
Analog Input 1xAI, 0-20mA
Energy Pulse Output 1xLED Energy Pulse Output



Voltage Input

-48VDC Un=60VDC, Range: 0.05xUn-1.2xUn
240VDC Un=400VDC, Range: 0.05xUn-1.2xUn
Burden <0.05VA/phase @ 240VDC
Overload 1.2xUn continuous, 2xUn for 10s




Current Input

Mains Hall Effect CT Nominal Output = 4VDC @ In Where In = 200A-1200A
Residual Hall Effect CT Nominal Output = ±5VDC @300mA, 0-100kΩ Range: 0.5% to 120% In

Overrange: 1.2xIn continuous, 2xIn for 10s

Branch Hall Effect CT Output = ±25mA @50A, ±50mA @100A and ±100 mA @200A Range: 0.5% to 120% In

Overrange: 1.2xIn continuous, 2xIn for 10s

Operating Temp. -25°C to 70°C
Storage Temp. -40°C to 85°C
Humidity 5% to 98% (non-condensing)
Atmospheric Pressure 70kPa to 106kPa
Altitude ≤3,000m