Modbus RTU WBPRO-METER12 Multi circuit Energy Meter with RS-485

The multi-circuit energy meter WBPRO-METER12 is a great option for data centers and smart workplaces, as well as for industrial metering systems in residential and commercial buildings. intended for use in AC networks that are either single-phase or three-phase.

Split-core external current transformers can be installed on active circuits with no downtime.

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  • Twelve single-phase or four three-phase consumers
  • Measures voltage, current, and power in real-time.
  • keeps track of collected energy values
  • Unique values for each of the four three-phase channels and all twelve phases
  • Energy, full power, reactive power, and active power measurements
  • Power factor as well as angles between phases
  • Maximum voltage and current values


  • Connection via split-type current transformers
  • Identification of improper phasing

Other Characteristic

  • Voltage supply: 9–24 VDC
  • Interface: RS-485, Modbus RTU
  • DIN rail-mounted enclosure with six modules in width (106 x 90 x 58 mm)