BFM136 Multi Channel Energy Monitor Submetering

The BFM136 Multi Channel Energy Monitor Submetering monitors up to 12 three phase circuits or 36 single phase circuits, or any combination of single or three phase circuits. This flexibility makes the BFM136 perfect for multi-tenant facilities such as residential projects, office buildings and shopping malls.

This compact instrument is designed to easily fit into existing panel boards or be flush mounted nearby, thus eliminating the need for expensive retrofit projects or for allocating extra space for the device.

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  • Provides a complete set of energy and demand data on multi-tariff basis for billing purposes
  • Class 0.5S precision in revenue metering
  • Meter sealing option for voltage and current inputs
  • Current and voltage monitoring
    • 12 3-phase channels
    • 18 2-phase channels
    • 36 1-phase channels
    • Any combination of the above
  • Compliant with ANSI and IEC specifications
  • LCD display for on-site access, providing 30 channels of consumption readings for each tenant
  • Data access and TOU via PAS software
  • Web-based energy management with eXpertpowerTM providing online data access
  • Compact design for easy installation within existing or new electric panelboards
  • Durable design for tamper resistance
  • Communication platforms
    • Built-in serial RS485
    • Optional: modem, Ethernet, wireless
  • Real Time Clock
  • TCP Notification Client
  • Event and data logging
  • Flash memory 8 Mb



  • Logging – Multi-point power, energy and demand data logging
  • Data Storage – Real Time Clock (RTC) and Flash memory for data and event logger, the TOU (Time of Use) function stores energy consumption data according to the programmed time schedule, daily energy tariff profile and maximum demands programmable interval for load profile
  • LCD Display – provides up to 36 channels of consumption readings for each tenant
  • Cost Effective
  • High accuracy 0.5S
  • Standard Communication Platforms – Protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus ASCII. Ports: Standard: RS-485 port, Optional: Ethernet TCP/IP, dial-up modem, RS-232, additional RS-485/422 port, wireless RF modem, 2G/3G modem
  • Input – Current inputs: 36 per device. Measured currents, per phase: with unique High Accuracy Current Sensors (HACS) rating from 100A to 3000A. Voltage measurement range: 120 (207) to 277 (480)V AC ± 15% (The accuracy is guaranteed to this voltage range). Auto rangepower supply: 88-552V AC
  • Alarms – Over/under voltage, over current, over kW, over kVA, over/under frequency
  • Three-year warranty