WBPRO-METER3 Multi Channel Energy Meter

The WBPRO-METER3 multi channel energy meter is an ideal choice for industrial metering installations in apartment houses and office buildings as well as for monitoring consumers in data centers and smart offices. Designed for operation in single-phase or three-phase AC networks.

External split-core current transformers allow for installation on live circuits with zero downtime.

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  • Three single-phase consumers or one three-phase consumer
  • Measures voltage, current, and power in real-time.
  • keeps track of collected energy values
  • Totals for the three-phase load and individual figures for each of the three phases
  • Measurement of energy, full power, reactive power, and active power
  • Angles of power factor, voltage, and current
  • peak voltage and current values


  • Connection via split-type current transformers
  • Detection of incorrect phasing


  • Supply voltage: 9 — 24 VDC
  • Interface: RS-485, Modbus RTU
  • 3-module wide DIN rail-mounted enclosure (58 x 90 x 58 mm)