AMC16-DETT Multi-channel Power Meter Telecom Station Energy Meter

Base station dedicated DC energy meter AMC16-DETT Multi-channel Power Meter is specially designed for base stations where have sharing requirements, and switch power supply is without the function of sub-user metering. The meter could measure 6 circuits DC energy, and supply working current to the matched hall sensors. Meanwhile, it can realize zero drift calibration by upper computer software. have the functions of telemetering,teleindication,teleadjusting, metering at real time, energy quality abnormal alarm, data storage and processing, data interaction. This meter can measure DC power consumption of three operators, providing detail datas for base station.

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●DC rated voltage: 1 channel: -48VDC

●Accuracy:1%In≤I≤10%In error±2.5%; I>10%In error±2%


●LED display

●DIN 35 mm


put DC voltage 1 channel: -48VDC
DC current 6 channel hall current sensor,total DC200A/5V,Telecom, Mobile,Unicom and the 1st channel reserve 50A/5V, 2nd
channel reserve 100A/5V.
Grid power monitoring 1 channel: 0-5VDC
Overload capacity Voltage:1.2times continued,2 times continued 1s;
Current: 1.2 times continued,10 times continued 1s.
Accuracy (superposition hall sensors) 1%In≤I≤10%In error±2.5%; I>10%In error±2%
resolution Voltage output accuracy 0.01V; current output accuracy 0.01A;
power output accuracy 0.01kw; energy output accuracy 0.01kwh
Functions Basic function Monitor device system time, total voltage, output total current, power, energy, each channel voltage, current, power, energy; LED indicator display;485 communication
Metering function Start current: under rated voltage, when the load current value of the meter doesn’t exceed 1% of the max. current, the meter starts.
Shunt running current: when there is no current in the current circuit of the meter, and 85%-125%of the rated voltage is applied on the voltage circuit, the calculator shall not have more than
Alarm function DC low voltage output alarm,DC high voltage output alarm,one power down alarm, module voltage loss alarm, metering branch error alarm, internal program error alarm, clock error alarm, memory failure alarm and AC input power failure alarm
Timing function support broadcast timing, could remote timing to the meter by RS485
Hall CT power supply Power supply output:+12V/100Ma, -12V/50mA
Clock accuracy ≤0.5s/d(23℃),≤1s/d(-20℃~60℃)
Powe supply for ther meter -40VDC~ -60VDC
Power consumption ≤2W