Blue Jay- Power Capacitor for PFC

The power Capacitor for PFC is a self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor that is made of advanced metalized film and is produced strictly in accordance with IEC. This power factor capacitor is suitable for low-voltage power networks to improve power factor reduce reactive loss and better voltage quality.

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  • Filed epoxy resin and special thermal insulation material
  • Triple safety system*: With overpressure disconnector, Self healing technology, Over temperature protect
  • Naturally air cooled (or forced air cooling)
  • Dielectric: 9um Polypropylene film
  • Extruded round aluminum can with stud
  • Provided with ceramic discharge module or discharge resistance


  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Automatic capacitor banks
  • Fixed PFC applications, e.g. motor compensation
  • Detuned PFC systems
  • Dynamic PFC systems
  • Heavy Industries
  • Most compact desing in cylindrical aluminum can with


Rated voltage (Un) 250V ~ 480V (refer to different mode)
Rated capacitance 5 ~ 40KVar (refer to different mode)
Tolerance -5% ~ +5%
Rated frequency 50Hz / 60 Hz
Over-Voltage Permitted 1.1Un 8h/d
1.3Un 1min daily
Over-Current Permitted 1.6ln
Impact Current: < 500ln
Testing Voltage Between Poles 2.15Un / 10S
Between housing 3000VAC / 60S
Discharge ablity Color ring resistance below 70V within 3 minutes
Ceramic resistor to below 70V in 1 minute
Dielectric Loss < 0.2W/kvar
Standard reference IEC60831-96
Working enviroment Temperature -25C / +50C, Humidity < 90%RH
Altitude < 2000m
Mounting hreaded stud at bottom of can
(max. torque for M16 = 10 Nm)
Mean life expectancy Up to 180 000 hours at temperature class -40C ~ 60C
Max. 15000 switchings per year