TDK Power Capacitors (MKP) for AC Filtering

TDK Power Capacitors are available with different terminal configurations and electrical parameters. Thanks to their simple design (round winding in an aluminum can), these widely used components offer high reliability at the same time. TDK portfolio features AC filter capacitor designs single-phase capacitors. When AC capacitors are used as filters, they suppress harmonic distortions and reactive power problems, thus improving power quality and reliability.

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  • No resin leakage
  • Safety mechanism, tear-off fuse
  • As the pressure in the capacitor increases, the aluminum can expands and the capacitor changes to an open mode state


  • Frequency converters
  • Inverter based home appliances
  • Solar inverters
  • Variable speed motor drives


  • Series B32361*, B32362*
  • Voltage 250 to 480 VRMS
  • Rated capacitance 20 to 600 µF
  • Overpressure disconnector
  • Available with screw (M6 and M10) terminals
  • Temperature up to 85 °C hotspot
  • Mechanical shock 5 g
  • IEC 61071, GB/T17702, RoHS compliance, CE and UL 810 compliant